Thursday, March 12, 2009

Obama's Council on Women and Girls

Hi folks,

Hope you are having a great break... and that it is as productive or relaxing as you need it to be! Don't forget about the to do list we made in class :)

So I just thought I would share with you a significant event that happened this week that feels relevant to our class. Some of you may have already heard about this..

Just this week, President Barack Obama announced the creation of the first-ever White House Council on Women and Girls. There are decades of research on gender inequality that documents how girls and women have been economically, politically and educationally disadvantaged, but the new Council bought a lot of controversy.

What do you think about this? Do you have questions about it? Do you think we need a Council on Women and Girls? Why or why not?

Leave a comment if you have any thoughts.


Eva said...


Becca said...

I think it is a step towards making America more equal...although it will be interesting to see what exactly they are going to do with this, and how much of an effect it had on America. It is kind of nice to be recognized by the President that this is an issue that needs to be fixed. And he is just not blowing this issue off and over looking it. I don't know maybe I am looking at this all wrong but... yeah :)

Dr. Lesley Bogad said...

I agree with you, Vanessa. I am really curious to see what comes of this. But it is a way of TALKING about the issues. Johnson would approve, i think.

Shayla said...

It's about time, I think. Anyone who doesn't want to acknowledge gender inequality is in denial or just doesn't really care to think about it.

I think it will also set a good example for other countries where women have even more limitations, limitations enforced by the law even, than we do here.